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Month July 2016

Setting up the Mac OS X Fortinet VPN client (FortiClient)

About: Connect your Mac OS X computer to the Occidental College VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to connect to the Oxy network from anywhere in the world (or across town). Note: If at all possible, Set up the Fortinet… Continue Reading →

Granting Delegated Access to Your Blue Jeans Account

About: Grant others delegated access to your Blue Jeans account for assistance with creating & managing meetings.

Setting up the Windows Fortinet VPN client (FortiClient)

About: Connect your Windows PC to the Occidental College network from anywhere in the world (or across town) via the Oxy VPN (Virtual Private Network).  This article walks you through the installation of the FortiClient, the VPN client for use… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Footprints

FootPrints is a web-based application that ITS uses to track the requests that it works on.  You can access FP by going to and entering your normal username and password.  If you are unable to log in, contact Noel… Continue Reading →

Off Campus Internet Service

Symptoms: No internet service:  at ICC (1501 Campus Rd) and UEPI (1541 Campus Rd) (4863 and 4873 Stratford Road)  Time Warner is the provider for these locations. Diagnosis: 1st send someone to location to reboot modem. If unit is still not… Continue Reading →

How to Set Up Network Drives on a Macintosh

About: Connect your Mac to your Oxy G drive or H drive network shares.

How to use the media system in the Choi Auditorium

About: The media system in the Choi Auditorium allows the use of devices capable of either HDMI or VGA connection to display presentations, videos and audio. These are basic steps to connect and display content utilizing the floor box cable… Continue Reading →

Information needed to create a new mailing list/listsrv

About: Our mailing list system is very flexible but that also means that there are is a large amount of information needed before we can create a new mailing list

Grant remote 2X access to an Oxy computer

About: Steps to grant Parallels 2X (OxyAccess / RDP) to a Oxy windows PC. This will permit the user to remotely access their OXY PC from their personal off-campus computer

No sound from media room speakers

Symptoms: No sound comes through the media system speakers.

Don’t see “edit” button when trying to edit a page on

Symptoms: User tries to edit a page on but doesn’t see the edit button.

Click on Banner but nothing happens

Symptoms: Clicking Banner icon, 2x logon shows, then nothing happens.  

How to reset a 2x user profile

About: 2x uses a roaming profile to keep settings maintained between its two terminal servers.  User specific settings, most notably with Java for Banner, are resolved by clearing this profile.

Specified Remote Connection can not be found when connecting to 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specified Remote Connection can not be found” when connecting to 2x.

Logon using 2x failed

Symptoms: User receives “Logon using 2x failed” when running Banner or 2x.

Insufficient rights available when launching Banner

Symptoms: “Insufficient rights available to service your request.” when launching Banner

Specific computer not found when launching Banner or 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specific computer not found” when launching Banner or 2x

Projector / External Monitor Not Displaying from Laptop

Sticky post

Symptoms: Laptop image doesn’t display on projector or external display.

Unable to log onto computer: No Logon Servers Available

Symptoms: User is unable to log onto to an Oxy PC computer. Error message: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.    

Enable Local Administrator Account on Oxy PC’s

About: The local administrator accounts on Oxy PC’s are disabled in order to reactivate the local administrator account. To do this we use the Windows Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (DaRT). We currently DaRT loaded on a USB Flash Drive.

Remove/Re-Add PC to Domain

About: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a computer from the domain to resolve a technical issue or to fulfill a request. Before removing computer from the domain, be sure to activate and the Local Administrator account and set the… Continue Reading →

Trust Relationship Failed Error Message

Symptoms: After entering username and password into an Oxy Windows computer user gets a “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” error message.       

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