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How to use the media system in the Choi Auditorium


Choi Auditorium

The media system in the Choi Auditorium allows the use of devices capable of either HDMI or VGA connection to display presentations, videos and audio. These are basic steps to connect and display content utilizing the floor box cable connections available in the room.


  1. Locate the touch panel controller on the North West wall near the entrance
    • Touch the screen on the panel to wake it up
    • Press the “power on” icon to power the system on
  2. Connect your device using the either the HDMI or VGA cables at the floor box
  3. On the touch panel, select the input for either HDMI or VGA, once selected, the projector will power on and the screen will descend
  4. Adjust the content volume using the system volume control to the right on the touch panel
  5. When finished, locate and press the red “System Off” button on the touch panel. The next screen will ask to confirm power off, press yes. The system will shut itself off within a few seconds

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