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Setting up the Windows Fortinet VPN client (FortiClient)


Connect your Windows PC to the Occidental College network from anywhere in the world (or across town) via the Oxy VPN (Virtual Private Network).  This article walks you through the installation of the FortiClient, the VPN client for use at Oxy.  Note: If at all possible, set up FortiClient prior to a large trip where you will absolutely need to connect to the Oxy network, so you can test it from home.  There are separate instructions for Mac OS X and iOS.  Instructions for Android is coming soon.


Permission to use VPN:
  1. By default, Oxy user accounts do not have VPN access.  Access is granted by being added to the VPN Users AD group.
  2. If you have never requested VPN access before, then you must be requested through the ITS Helpdesk.
  1. Download the FortiClient software onto the device(s) that you will need access:
    1. Open in a web browser
    2. Select the appropriate “Windows” download in the “FortiClient VPN” section. Most newer systems will be “Download for Windows 64”
  2. If the Wizard does not run automatically, locate and run the FortiClient Setup Wizard which you downloaded.
  3. Please determine whether you want VPN only or VPN and Antivirus to be installed:
    • If you are installing this on an Oxy machine or if you already have an antivirus that you are happy with, select “VPN Only”.
    • If you are installing on a personal (non-Oxy) machine, and you want to use Fortinet’s antivirus product, install “Complete”.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.  It may require you to restart your system before finishing the installation.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.  When it is finished, it will open the FortiClient.
Setup and Connection:
  1. Open FortiClient by double-clicking on the FortiClient shield icon in the right side of the system tray, if it’s not already openWindows Fortinet client icon
  2. Select the “Remote Access” sidebar menu item, if it is not already selected
  3. Click on “Configure VPN”
  4. Make sure “SSL VPN” tab is selected at the top (it should be the default)FortiClient New VPN Connection
  5. Enter these values in the New VPN Connection form
    • Connection Name: Oxy VPN
    • Description: may be left blank
    • Remote Gateway:
    • Authentication: Select Save login if you want your username to be saved (this does not save your password)
    • Username: Enter your \\ username
    • Leave unchecked both checkboxes “Client Certificate” and “Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate”
    • Click Apply, then click Close.
  6. Enter your \\ username (not full email address) and password, then click Connect.  You should now be connected to the Oxy network.
  7. To disconnect, right click on the Fortinet icon in the system tray at bottom right of your screen, and select “Disconnect”.
  8. To make subsequent connections:
    1. Right click the FortiClient icon
    2. Select Connect to “Oxy VPN
    3. Enter your \\ username and Password and press connect

Mount Shared Network Drives After VPN connection

After you have connected to the VPN service, you will need to manually load the G:, H: drives as they would not be mounted when you turn your PC on off campus. To do this please follow these steps. Additional walk-through guide on Mounting OXY network Drives manually.

Windows 7:
  1. Click Start
  2. Select Run
  3. Type \\oxynet\netlogon\sayhola
  4. press “Ok” and your network drives are now loaded/mounted
Windows 10
  1. Right-click Start
  2. Select Run
  3. Type \\oxynet\netlogon\sayhola
  4. press “Ok” and your network drives are now loaded/mounted
Advanced Setup:

You may enable the following advanced options:FortiClient VPN Login screen

  • Save password – You won’t have to type in your password each time.  Not recommended.
  • Auto connect – automatically connects to the VPN service once you log on to your machine.  You select the VPN connection when you login to your computer.
  • Always up – stay connected even if you are not actively using the connection.  By default, the connection will time out after about 10 minutes.


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  1. Very helpful. Thank you, David!

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