Just connect to the OXY Wifi network ONET, you will be taken to a registration Page

Troubleshoot Device Registration issues

Use this method to register devices that cannot display the webpage to log into NetReg.

Note: When troubleshooting Wifi connections, ask the user for their IP address and if it ends in #.#.10.10 number then register it. If they are getting a #.#.134.69 at the end then there is no point in registering and asking for their MAC will just waste everyone’s time. Create a Ticket for them and assign to Javier

1st Steps

  1. Verify that you have the following information in the ticket; if not ask for the necessary info
    1. Requestor’s name and Oxy email address
    2. The type of device
    3. Requestor’s dorm and room number
    4. The device MAC address (What Is a MAC Address?)
  2. Go to NetReg
  3. You will be prompted for login credentials; use the techs account login
  4. Select Find MAC
  5. Enter the Username for the person requesting device registration
  6. Enter MAC address for the device to be registered in provided boxes (2 characters per box)
  7. Select device type from drop-down box
  8. Select Dorm from drop-down box
  9. Click the Submit button
  10. Contact the requestor; advise them to shut down and restart the device to complete the process.