If you are getting Authentication or password errors when you try to login to the my.oxy.edu portal, please try these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Please make sure you are only using ONLY your Username and NOT your full email address as your username.
  2. Confirm that CAPSLOCK is not enabled.
  3. If you are visiting the my.oxy.edu page from a bookmarked link, please visit a freshly loaded https://my.oxy.edu/
  4. Try using an Incognito/Private Window, a different browser, or a different computer to make sure this is not a cache or cookie issue.
  5. Reset/clear your oxy.edu cookies in your web browser (How to clear web browser cache & cookies)
  6. If you are copying and pasting in your login details please make sure that you have not copied a “blank space” by ensuring that you have only copied the login info characters.
  7. If you are still having problems accessing your account please contact the helpdesk and let us know which systems you are and are not able to access.