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How to Register a Device’s MAC address on ONET Wifi Network

Just connect to the OXY Wifi network ONET, you will be taken to a registration Page Login Link – Registration page — device-registration Troubleshoot Device Registration issues Use this method to register devices that cannot display the webpage to log… Continue Reading →

How to Import MBOX Exports into Email Account?

Restoring the emails from your OXY email Takeout export back into Gmail can be done by using Mozilla Thunderbird to import the archived .MBOX file into your personal Gmail account. The export that you receive from Google in your email… Continue Reading →

Protected: Create SCCM USB Boot Stick

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Configure SQL Developer

This guide will show you how to configure the SQL Developer application which you have setup by running R:\Install\SQLdeveloper\goSQLDev.cmd from your OXY PC. Once SQL Developer has been setup you just need to follow these steps to connect it to the… Continue Reading →

Setup Email Delegation

Email Delegation lets you give access to a mailbox to someone else that wants to access that mailbox’s emails or be able to send email out from that mailbox without having to log out of their own email accounts and into… Continue Reading →

Protected: Mailing list instructions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How to install Active Directory & SCCM

This Guide will show you how to setup Active Directory on Windows 7, 8, & 10 Download and install one of the following depending on your version of Windows: Remote Server Administrator Tools For Windows 10 Remote Server Administrator Tools… Continue Reading →

How to Remote Connect to an Apple Computer

This guide provides instructions on how to remote connect to another Mac computer on Oxy’s network.

How to connect to websites on

About: Some HTML / CSS websites are hosted on our web server, Connecting to the server to access or update files requires mapping the network drive (on-campus access) or connecting via 2x or ftps (off-campus access), in conjunction with… Continue Reading →

macOS Upgrade Guide

About This guide will give instructions on how to upgrade the operating system on Mac computers.

iPhone Email Setup

You will want to go to Mail Settings and add a new account, you want to select “Microsoft Exchange” and enter in your OXY email login settings and that should be all you need to do to setup email on… Continue Reading →

Outlook Setup

Recommended Setup Here at Oxy we use the Google Apps email system to power our OXY emails, which means that to setup your Outlook email client you will want to use the free tool Google offers to setup Outlook with… Continue Reading →

Protected: Specialty Software Guide

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

USB Drive Not Ejected Properly from Mac Computer

About macOS requires that a user ejects a volume before physically removing the drive. When this isn’t done, the drive is unreadable on Mac computers, doesn’t appear in Finder, and doesn’t appear in the Disk Utility application, which typically fails… Continue Reading →

macOS Hardware and Startup Troubleshooting

About This guide is designed to provide troubleshooting options for hardware and startup problems on macOS computers.

How to Reinstall macOS

In very rare cases, an operating system reinstall is required for Mac computers. This guide should be used for Oxy computers already imaged with the Oxy image by Client Support, or non-Oxy computers. Before Reinstalling  First-Aid on Startup Disk Shut down… Continue Reading →

How to Access Oxy Services Using FTPS

About: FTPS is FTP using SSL for added security. SSL helps to ensure that you are connecting to Oxy’s servers and will ensure that all data transmitted between your device and Oxy’s servers are encrypted in transit end-to-end. FTPS is… Continue Reading →

Employee and Student Check Tools

About: We’ve built a tool (PC only) that ITS Helpdesk student workers can use to troubleshoot account problems for students and employees.

Microsoft Office for Home Use for Oxy Employees

Office for Home Program (HUP) Oxy no longer offers the HUP discount as it now offers a free subscription to the online version of Office365 at, just sign in with your oxy login details.  

Lookup administrator passwords to mailing lists

To look up passwords for a mailman mailing list: Login to the server Become user root (“sudo bash” is a good way) Become user mailman (“su – mailman” – the hyphen is important) “cd OxyScripts” “grep listname data/List-Passwords”

Moodle instructions

See getting Started with Moodle or the full list of tutorials for Moodle instructions. When sending a ticket to CDLA, always add the professor and the course information to the ticket.

Check for installed printers using Devices and Printers

About: Generally the Print Management tool is quicker to use to get the list of installed printers but you should also understand how Devices and Printers works. If it’s already open it can be faster just to click through printers there, and it is sometimes… Continue Reading →

Check for installed printers using Print Management

About: Use the Print Management console to display a full list of all print devices installed. This view is different than the Devices and Printers window view where the print devices are grouped together based on Port and Driver type.

Mailing list (Listserv) Management using the web interface

About: Our mailing list software, Mailman, has both a web interface and the ability to make changes by emailing specific commands. Instructions for the web interface are below.

How To Perform a Job Reset on a Ricoh

About: How to perform a job reset on a Ricoh multifunction device in order to clear a printer error and allow the next job(s) to go through. If no one is around to claim the print job, perform a Job… Continue Reading →

Setting up the Mac OS X Fortinet VPN client (FortiClient)

About: Connect your Mac OS X computer to the Occidental College VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to connect to the Oxy network from anywhere in the world (or across town). Note: If at all possible, Set up the Fortinet… Continue Reading →

Granting Delegated Access to Your Blue Jeans Account

About: Grant others delegated access to your Blue Jeans account for assistance with creating & managing meetings.

Setting up the Windows Fortinet VPN client (FortiClient)

About: Connect your Windows PC to the Occidental College network from anywhere in the world (or across town) via the Oxy VPN (Virtual Private Network).  This article walks you through the installation of the FortiClient, the VPN client for use… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Footprints

FootPrints is a web-based application that ITS uses to track the requests that it works on.  You can access FP by going to and entering your normal username and password.  If you are unable to log in, contact Noel… Continue Reading →

How to Set Up Network Drives on a Macintosh

About: Connect your Mac to your Oxy G drive or H drive network shares.

How to use the media system in the Choi Auditorium

About: The media system in the Choi Auditorium allows the use of devices capable of either HDMI or VGA connection to display presentations, videos and audio. These are basic steps to connect and display content utilizing the floor box cable… Continue Reading →

Information needed to create a new mailing list/listsrv

About: Our mailing list system is very flexible but that also means that there are is a large amount of information needed before we can create a new mailing list

Grant remote 2X access to an Oxy computer

About: Steps to grant Parallels 2X (OxyAccess / RDP) to a Oxy windows PC. This will permit the user to remotely access their OXY PC from their personal off-campus computer

How to reset a 2x user profile

About: 2x uses a roaming profile to keep settings maintained between its two terminal servers.  User specific settings, most notably with Java for Banner, are resolved by clearing this profile.

Enable Local Administrator Account on Oxy PC’s

About: The local administrator accounts on Oxy PC’s are disabled in order to reactivate the local administrator account. To do this we use the Windows Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (DaRT). We currently DaRT loaded on a USB Flash Drive.

Remove/Re-Add PC to Domain

About: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a computer from the domain to resolve a technical issue or to fulfill a request. Before removing computer from the domain, be sure to activate and the Local Administrator account and set the… Continue Reading →

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