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Edge vs Internet Explorer

Microsoft has made the Edge browser the default for browser for Windows 10, some older programs on campus will not work on the newer Edge browser, you will need to search for Internet Explorer and open it to run these… Continue Reading →

What Is a MAC Address?

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE… Continue Reading →

Unable to Type in Spotlight on macOS

Sometimes you will be unable to type in the Spotlight search bar in macOS. This is a simple problem to fix.

Wifi Test & Bandwith

This form will help us gather some information about your wireless connection so we can diagnose the issue you are having. Please follow the instructions below and fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your findings,… Continue Reading →

macOS Hardware and Startup Troubleshooting

About This guide is designed to provide troubleshooting options for hardware and startup problems on macOS computers.

How to Reinstall macOS

In very rare cases, an operating system reinstall is required for Mac computers. This guide should be used for Oxy computers already imaged with the Oxy image by Client Support, or non-Oxy computers. Before Reinstalling  First-Aid on Startup Disk Shut down… Continue Reading →

Print job doesn’t print or doesn’t appear in print queue

Symptoms: Employee sends a print job from a personal computer but the job never goes through to a departmental printer or Ricoh MFD, or student or employee sends a print job from a personal computer to a public Ricoh device and the… Continue Reading →

Ricoh Internal Server Error

Symptoms: “An internal server error occurred. No suitable printer available: Printer is reporting an Offline state” error pop-up appears if another print job has come through or has been released on the device before a previous error message has been cleared.

Ricoh Paper Size and Type Mismatch error

Symptoms: The red Check Status LED is lit up and the Ricoh MFD status page indicates “Error Occurred” next to the Printer section; detailed error page shows Paper size and type are mismatched.

Ricoh No Paper Error

Symptoms: The red Check Status LED is lit up and the Ricoh MFD status page indicates No Paper.

Off Campus Internet Service

Symptoms: No internet service:  at ICC (1501 Campus Rd) and UEPI (1541 Campus Rd) (4863 and 4873 Stratford Road)  Time Warner is the provider for these locations. Diagnosis: 1st send someone to location to reboot modem. If unit is still not… Continue Reading →

No sound from media room speakers

Symptoms: No sound comes through the media system speakers.

Don’t see “edit” button when trying to edit a page on

Symptoms: User tries to edit a page on but doesn’t see the edit button.

Click on Banner but nothing happens

Symptoms: Clicking Banner icon, 2x logon shows, then nothing happens.  

Specified Remote Connection can not be found when connecting to 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specified Remote Connection can not be found” when connecting to 2x.

Logon using 2x failed

Symptoms: User receives “Logon using 2x failed” when running Banner or 2x.

Insufficient rights available when launching Banner

Symptoms: “Insufficient rights available to service your request.” when launching Banner

Specific computer not found when launching Banner or 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specific computer not found” when launching Banner or 2x

Projector / External Monitor Not Displaying from Laptop

Sticky post

Symptoms: Laptop image doesn’t display on projector or external display.

Unable to log onto computer: No Logon Servers Available

Symptoms: User is unable to log onto to an Oxy PC computer. Error message: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.    

Trust Relationship Failed Error Message

Symptoms: After entering username and password into an Oxy Windows computer user gets a “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” error message.       

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