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Edge vs Internet Explorer

Microsoft has made the Edge browser the default for browser for Windows 10, some older programs on campus will not work on the newer Edge browser, you will need to search for Internet Explorer and open it to run these… Continue Reading →

Protected: Create SCCM USB Boot Stick

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Configure SQL Developer

This guide will show you how to configure the SQL Developer application which you have setup by running R:\Install\SQLdeveloper\goSQLDev.cmd from your OXY PC. Once SQL Developer has been setup you just need to follow these steps to connect it to the… Continue Reading →

Java errors related to Banner

There are occasionally 2x issues that require the roaming user profile to be reset, most notably Java errors related to Banner.  These errors will be user specific and only happen inside of 2x.  If the problem is more widespread than… Continue Reading →

Unable to Type in Spotlight on macOS

Sometimes you will be unable to type in the Spotlight search bar in macOS. This is a simple problem to fix.

banner install troubleshooting

If you are trying to run gobanner and it is failing with a incorrect path error, you will want to update the group policy of your PC, please follow these instructions. To Fix: 1. Start > Run > gpupdate /force… Continue Reading →

Outlook Setup

Recommended Setup Here at Oxy we use the Google Apps email system to power our OXY emails, which means that to setup your Outlook email client you will want to use the free tool Google offers to setup Outlook with… Continue Reading →

Protected: Specialty Software Guide

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Common Alternative Software Solutions

About This article lists alternatives to common proprietary and operating system exclusive software. Most, if not all, of these alternatives are free and open source, meaning anyone can look at how the program works and there are few, if any, proprietary… Continue Reading →

About Qualtrics

About: Qualtrics is a web-based survey design and deployment platform. Oxy has purchased an institutional license that allows the Oxy community to create and issue their own surveys. To use Qualtrics under the Oxy license, please follow these instructions. Note… Continue Reading →

About PollEverywhere

About: PollEverywhere is a web-based polling platform. We can extend invitations to faculty and staff to use this software for polling in classes and meetings. Polls can be run using a web-browser on any OS, or plugins that can be installed to allow… Continue Reading →

How to Access Oxy Services Using FTPS

About: FTPS is FTP using SSL for added security. SSL helps to ensure that you are connecting to Oxy’s servers and will ensure that all data transmitted between your device and Oxy’s servers are encrypted in transit end-to-end. FTPS is… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Office for Home Use for Oxy Employees

Office for Home Program (HUP) Oxy no longer offers the HUP discount as it now offers a free subscription to the online version of Office365 at, just sign in with your oxy login details.  

Moodle instructions

See getting Started with Moodle or the full list of tutorials for Moodle instructions. When sending a ticket to CDLA, always add the professor and the course information to the ticket.

Granting Delegated Access to Your Blue Jeans Account

About: Grant others delegated access to your Blue Jeans account for assistance with creating & managing meetings.

Grant remote 2X access to an Oxy computer

About: Steps to grant Parallels 2X (OxyAccess / RDP) to a Oxy windows PC. This will permit the user to remotely access their OXY PC from their personal off-campus computer

Click on Banner but nothing happens

Symptoms: Clicking Banner icon, 2x logon shows, then nothing happens.  

Specified Remote Connection can not be found when connecting to 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specified Remote Connection can not be found” when connecting to 2x.

Logon using 2x failed

Symptoms: User receives “Logon using 2x failed” when running Banner or 2x.

Insufficient rights available when launching Banner

Symptoms: “Insufficient rights available to service your request.” when launching Banner

Specific computer not found when launching Banner or 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specific computer not found” when launching Banner or 2x

Enable Local Administrator Account on Oxy PC’s

About: The local administrator accounts on Oxy PC’s are disabled in order to reactivate the local administrator account. To do this we use the Windows Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (DaRT). We currently DaRT loaded on a USB Flash Drive.

Remove/Re-Add PC to Domain

About: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a computer from the domain to resolve a technical issue or to fulfill a request. Before removing computer from the domain, be sure to activate and the Local Administrator account and set the… Continue Reading →

Trust Relationship Failed Error Message

Symptoms: After entering username and password into an Oxy Windows computer user gets a “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” error message.       

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