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Java errors related to Banner

There are occasionally 2x issues that require the roaming user profile to be reset, most notably Java errors related to Banner.  These errors will be user specific and only happen inside of 2x.  If the problem is more widespread than… Continue Reading →

How to install Active Directory & SCCM

This Guide will show you how to setup Active Directory on Windows 7, 8, & 10 Download and install one of the following depending on your version of Windows: Remote Server Administrator Tools For Windows 10 Remote Server Administrator Tools… Continue Reading →

How to Re-image a Computer

Physical Preparation Before starting the re-imagine process, take the hard drive out of the computer. Then place a Device Tag on the hard drive and fill in the person’s details of who you are re-imaging the computer for. Take a… Continue Reading →

Lookup administrator passwords to mailing lists

To look up passwords for a mailman mailing list: Login to the server Become user root (“sudo bash” is a good way) Become user mailman (“su – mailman” – the hyphen is important) “cd OxyScripts” “grep listname data/List-Passwords”

Print job doesn’t print or doesn’t appear in print queue

Symptoms: Employee sends a print job from a personal computer but the job never goes through to a departmental printer or Ricoh MFD, or student or employee sends a print job from a personal computer to a public Ricoh device and the… Continue Reading →

Shared Email: Mailbox vs. Listserv vs. Alias

About: At times we receive requests for listservs or aliases or mailboxes for departments or groups. Sometimes one specific option is requested but another option may better meet their needs. We need to understand and help clarify requirements to ensure… Continue Reading →

Grant remote 2X access to an Oxy computer

About: Steps to grant Parallels 2X (OxyAccess / RDP) to a Oxy windows PC. This will permit the user to remotely access their OXY PC from their personal off-campus computer

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