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  1. Create any screenshots and images you want to add and re-name them so they have descriptive filenames.
  2. Go to Posts -> Add New
  3. Copy the content from one of the templates below by clicking the “insert template” button above the editing toolbar and selecting one of the article templates:screenshot showing location of the wordpress insert template button above the editing toolbar

    screenshot showing the pop-up menu for choosing a template

  4. Add a clear, brief title
    • If you write a title & edit it later, be sure the permalink is changed to reflect the new title
    • Avoid using / & and other special characters; if you use them put a space before and after the / (see example)
  5. Add your text & screenshots
    • Names of menu items and other key info should be bolded
    • The template text includes the main section headings sized at Heading 2. If you need to add a sub-section use Heading 5.
    • To insert an image click the Add Media button above the toolbar and select the Upload Files tab
      • remember that the image filesnames all need to have descriptive names rather than “screenshot_201601021342.png”
      • most screenshots should be fine and readable at Original / Full size. If that looks too big, try Large or Medium
      • set justification to none
      • link to the original media file
      • add an appropriate title for the image
      • add descriptive alt text to aid use of screen readers. For our purposes, “screenshot of XXXX error message” will generally be fine.
  6. Insert a Read More Tag at the end of the About or Symptoms section (this will help keep the “cards” consistent and readable)
  7. In the text editor side bar
    • Leave Format set to Standard
    • In Categories
      • Choose 1 article type
      • Choose your IT group (just yours)
      • Choose content type categories – multiple categories are ok if needed but keep it as streamlined as possible. We’ll review these categories after we’ve added more content and decide what needs to be added/tweaked – these will aid in filtering during searches.
      • Examples of what to put in the categories
        • Internal Systems: items related to Naggios, our Inventory system, Footprints – anything not directly customer-facing
        • Services: something we offer or do for the Oxy community, like Computer Replacement, Purchasing, Printing, Phones, myOxy Portal
        • Software: items concerning Banner, 2x, PollEverywhere, Moodle, Oxypedia
      • Make sure “Uncategorized” is not selected
    • Add Tags that are highly specific and will help people search for this content. Tags are also used to populate “Related Posts.” Include items like
      • Software names – add both the acronyms and full names
      • Specific ITS service names (OxyConnect, OxyAccess, OxyCreates etc.)
      • Names of the tools used – add both the acronyms and full names
    • If you think one of the images or screenshots would be helpful to people when scanning through the “cards” on the home and search pages, add that image as a Featured Image (this is optional – images of screen errors that can’t be read will clutter the cards and make them less “scannable”)
      • Click Set Featured Image
      • Make Sure the Media Library tab is selected
      • On the Images dropdown choose “Uploaded to this post
      • Select your image and click Set Featured Image at the bottom, right