Adding bookmark links to long posts or pages can help readers navigate quickly to the section they need; this functions the same as adding Anchors or Bookmarks in other programs, but you add the bookmark id within the heading style tag itself. See Team Ticket Assignments as an example of how the links will function when finished.


  1. Draft your post content as usual
  2. Click the Text tab at the top/right of the editing toolbar
    screenshot shown location of the text tab in the editing toolbar
  3. Find the section title heading tag (we use mainly <h2> and <h5>) you would like to add a bookmark to
  4. Add id=”xxxx” where xxxx is the bookmark name you want to use. Multiple words can be connected with dashes, but try to keep it to a word or two that reflects the section title.
    Screenshot showing how to add Heading ID for Bookmark in WordPress
  5. Repeat for any additional section titles you want to bookmark
  6. Click the Visual tab at the top/right of the editing toolbar
  7. Add the text that you want to link to; this will function as a sub-menu on your page.
  8. Highlight the Link text and click on the Link icon in the editing toolbar
    screenshot showing highlighted link text in the WordPress post
  9. Click the Gear icon at the right of the pop-up window to open the Link Options
    screenshot showing location of the gear icon to click on in order to open the Link Options

  10. In the URL field, type in the webpage URL followed by #xxxx where xxxx is the ID that you added to the heading tag. It will look like http://helpdesk.oxycreates.org/kb/2016/08/team-ticket-assignments/#purchasing.Screenshot showing adding a bookmark URL in the WordPress Link Options box
  11. Repeat for any additional sections you want to bookmark.
  12. See finished example on the Team Ticket Assignments post:
    Example screenshot of a WordPress Bookmark Links Submenu