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Java errors related to Banner

There are occasionally 2x issues that require the roaming user profile to be reset, most notably Java errors related to Banner.  These errors will be user specific and only happen inside of 2x.  If the problem is more widespread than… Continue Reading →

Click on Banner but nothing happens

Symptoms: Clicking Banner icon, 2x logon shows, then nothing happens.  

How to reset a 2x user profile

About: 2x uses a roaming profile to keep settings maintained between its two terminal servers.  User specific settings, most notably with Java for Banner, are resolved by clearing this profile.

Specified Remote Connection can not be found when connecting to 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specified Remote Connection can not be found” when connecting to 2x.

Logon using 2x failed

Symptoms: User receives “Logon using 2x failed” when running Banner or 2x.

Insufficient rights available when launching Banner

Symptoms: “Insufficient rights available to service your request.” when launching Banner

Specific computer not found when launching Banner or 2x

Symptoms: User receives “Specific computer not found” when launching Banner or 2x

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