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How to Import MBOX Exports into Email Account?

Restoring the emails from your OXY email Takeout export back into Gmail can be done by using Mozilla Thunderbird to import the archived .MBOX file into your personal Gmail account. The export that you receive from Google in your email… Continue Reading →

Setup Email Delegation

Email Delegation┬álets you give access to a mailbox to someone else that wants to access that mailbox’s emails or be able to send email out from that mailbox without having to log out of their own email accounts and into… Continue Reading →

iPhone Email Setup

You will want to go to Mail Settings and add a new account, you want to select “Microsoft Exchange” and enter in your OXY email login settings and that should be all you need to do to setup email on… Continue Reading →

Shared Email: Mailbox vs. Listserv vs. Alias

About: At times we receive requests for listservs or aliases or mailboxes for departments or groups. Sometimes one specific option is requested but another option may better meet their needs. We need to understand and help clarify requirements to ensure… Continue Reading →

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