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Unable to Type in Spotlight on macOS

Sometimes you will be unable to type in the Spotlight search bar in macOS. This is a simple problem to fix.

How to Remote Connect to an Apple Computer

This guide provides instructions on how to remote connect to another Mac computer on Oxy’s network.

macOS Upgrade Guide

About This guide will give instructions on how to upgrade the operating system on Mac computers.

USB Drive Not Ejected Properly from Mac Computer

About macOS requires that a user ejects a volume before physically removing the drive. When this isn’t done, the drive is unreadable on Mac computers, doesn’t appear in Finder, and doesn’t appear in the Disk Utility application, which typically fails… Continue Reading →

macOS Hardware and Startup Troubleshooting

About This guide is designed to provide troubleshooting options for hardware and startup problems on macOS computers.

How to Reinstall macOS

In very rare cases, an operating system reinstall is required for Mac computers. This guide should be used for Oxy computers already imaged with the Oxy image by Client Support, or non-Oxy computers. Before Reinstalling  First-Aid on Startup Disk Shut down… Continue Reading →

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