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Printer is Locked

If you are trying to get your prints from one of the Printers on campus but it’s telling you that your Profile is “LOCKED” you will need to Go back to the original printer you had logged into and log… Continue Reading →

Print job doesn’t print or doesn’t appear in print queue

Symptoms: Employee sends a print job from a personal computer but the job never goes through to a departmental printer or Ricoh MFD, or student or employee sends a print job from a personal computer to a public Ricoh device and the… Continue Reading →

Check for installed printers using Devices and Printers

About: Generally the Print Management tool is quicker to use to get the list of installed printers but you should also understand how Devices and Printers works. If it’s already open it can be faster just to click through printers there, and it is sometimes… Continue Reading →

Ricoh Internal Server Error

Symptoms: “An internal server error occurred. No suitable printer available: Printer is reporting an Offline state” error pop-up appears if another print job has come through or has been released on the device before a previous error message has been cleared.

Ricoh Paper Size and Type Mismatch error

Symptoms: The red Check Status LED is lit up and the Ricoh MFD status page indicates “Error Occurred” next to the Printer section; detailed error page shows Paper size and type are mismatched.

Ricoh No Paper Error

Symptoms: The red Check Status LED is lit up and the Ricoh MFD status page indicates No Paper.

How To Perform a Job Reset on a Ricoh

About: How to perform a job reset on a Ricoh multifunction device in order to clear a printer error and allow the next job(s) to go through. If no one is around to claim the print job, perform a Job… Continue Reading →

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